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50 Ways To Promote Peace

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

1. Treat all people with kindness, regardless of race, gender orientation, sexual orientation, religion, etc.

2. Attend a peace rally

3. Write to your government (local and federal)

4. Create a peaceful affirmation/mantra

5. Don’t engage in violence of any kind

6. Don’t purchase weapons

7. Embrace diversity and get to know other cultures by traveling the world and doing research

8. Start a collection to donate to a charity

9. Volunteer for the Peace Corps

10. If you have a platform, use it to educate

11. Advocate for animal rights (including slaughter laws)

12. Meditate and teach/encourage others to meditate

13. Organize community projects to build camaraderie (group mural, clean-up, etc.)

14. Think about other peoples intentions vs. their outcome

15. Never honk your car horn unless you’re unsafe

16. Make art installations with the word “peace” or the peace symbol

17. When you see someone who is in trouble, help them

18. Learn mediation/conflict resolution skills

19. Advocate peace with T-shirts, bumper stickers, patches, etc.

20. Call out people when you see them being sexist, racist, etc.

21. Spend time in nature

22. Stay abreast of current events

23. Take a break from watching the news when you need to

24. Register to vote (and actually vote!)

25. Create a safe space/sanctuary in your ome

26. Engage in random acts of kindness on a regular basis

27. Hang Tibetan prayer flags

28. Reduce your carbon footprint

29. Volunteer at a domestic violence shelter

30. Try had not to judge others

31. Research influential peace promoters in history

32. Talk to kids about peaceful virtues early on

33. Have a plan for dangerous situations of all types (being mugged, a house fire, etc.)

34. Respect your environment (i.e. don’t litter)

35. Sign a peace pledge

36. Think about any prejudices you might have and explore why they are a part of you, with the ultimate goal being that you release them

37. Learn about symbols of peace and use tangible examples as reminders in your own home, workspace, car, etc.

38. Attend local government meetings

39. Forgive others, even long-standing enemies

40. Read books about peace and recommend them to your friends

41. Help the homeless / Volunteer at a shelter

42. Take a nonviolent crisis intervention class

43. Develop meaningful relationships outside your own race

44. Sign an appeal to end nuclear threats

45. Host art/music/poetry events with the theme of peace

46. Be patient in all aspects of life

47. Learn what the main causes of violence in your city are

48. Practice self-love and care so you can radiate goodness to others

49. Say you’re sorry when necessary, even it’s belated

50. Define what the word “peace” means to you


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